Machine-elf in Apache’s Incubator

25 January 2015

Awesome! and huge congrats to Marko, Josh, Peter and everyone involved to have moved the Tinkerpop project to Apache Software Foundation’s Incubator this January 16th!!! Darn, i didn’t see that coming back in 2009. In fact it’s a bunch of elfs – Gremlin with hight amounts of DMT my guess. Please, check out the post about Titan and Hadoop later on.

For the ones who want to meet the Tinkerpop fam:


Tinkerpop3 fam (Illustration all rights @

TinkerPop is a graph computing framework written in Java. A graph is a data structure composed of vertices and edges and is useful for modeling complex domains with arbitrary relations (edges, links, lines) between entities (vertices, objects, dots). TinkerPop provides a core API that graph system vendors can implement. There are various types of graph systems including in-memory graph libraries, OLTP graph databases, and OLAP graph processors (see On Graph Computing for more information). Once the core interfaces are implemented, the underlying graph system can be queried using the graph traversal language Gremlin and processed with TinkerPop-enabled algorithms. For many, TinkerPop is seen as the JDBC of the graph computing community (read more apache-incubator-wiki).

Please, see also the link section for Tinkerpop on distributed_xlinks.


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